WHERE are we?

Once upon a time, in the small country of wonders – Singapore – there was a little start-up known as GENEmate. GENEmate, a company bound to revolutionize the match-making industry, was the brainchild of a few aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced businessmen. We see ourselves as a consultation company.

曾几何时,在亚洲奇迹小国的新加坡,有家名为GENEmate (君魅)的创意公司。GENEmate (君魅)的出发目标是彻底改变婚介行业的咨询公司, 是一群企业家和拥有经验丰富的商人的心血结晶。

WHO are we?

We started GENEmate as a match-making corporation, bringing people together by no magical means but with a scientific approach, unlike any others. Using an in-house matching algorithm and DNA analysis, we were able to find the best match for your friends and/or a partner in life. While some managed to live happily thereafter, GENEmate was not as lucky.

我们是谁? 我们创办GENEmate(君魅)是一家咨询公司,通过先进科技和采用新科学知识将人们聚集在一起。使用独创配算法和基因DNA分析,我们能够为您任何人找到最佳匹配。

WHEN did we transform?

There was no fairy tale without an element of unforeseen circumstances. It was not long before the sinister COVID-19 ravaged the world – taking lives, disrupting the livelihood of the people, and wrecking the global economy. With many fallen corporations across Singapore and the world, GENEmate was not spared too. We have to stop all of our works as our jobs involves close interactions with people of all walks of life.

我们的新加坡注册公司是什么时候转型的? 在没有不可预见的情况,公司创办不久后,险恶的病毒 COVID-19 肆虐世界——夺走了许多生命,扰乱了人们的生计,破坏了全球经济。随着新加坡和 世界各地的许多公司倒闭,GENEmate (君魅) 也未能幸免。我们必须停止所有的工作,因为我们的工作涉及与各行各业的人的密切互动。

WHY did we transform?

The key to the business functionality of GENEmate relied much on DNA testing using saliva. During the pandemic, the use of saliva was forbidden, and that dealt a massive blow to the continuity of GENEmate. With strict social restrictions amidst the pandemic, match-making efforts were largely disrupted as well.

我们的公司为什么要转型? GENEmate(君魅)业务功能的关键在很大程度上依赖于使用唾液进行DNA测试。在疫情期间,政府严格的社会限制下,禁止人们集合,这也就对 GENEmate (君魅) 的连续性造成了巨大打击配对工作也在很大程度上被打乱了。

HOW did we transform?

For continuity, we had to innovate and transform GENEmate. While retaining its core objective in match-making, we had made a significant twist to the business structure. Instead of person-to-person match-making, GENEmate now serves as a corporation for person-to-business match-making. With the new GENEmate, we offer business consulting services, specially tailored for clients from China, and some parts of the world. No saliva or DNA testing is required!

我们的公司如何转型? 为了保持连续性,我们必须创新也改造了GENEmate (君魅)。在要保留其配对核心目标的同时,我们对与业务结构进行了重大转变。GENEmate(君魅)现在不是保持人与人之 间的关系,我们也是一家独特作为企业,公司和生意配对的公司。通过我们改新的GENEmate (君魅)服务,我们也提供专门协助来自中国各大地区的客户们替他们量身定制的商业咨询服务。

WHAT do we do?

We have come a long way – from inception to transformation and now actualisation - but it is just the beginning for the new GENEmate. GENEmate is now a Business Consultation and Business Networking Company. We do not just bring Singapore closer to you; we bring you closer to Singapore by offering you the options to explore safe investments here in Singapore. Our presence in Singapore is also to aid in the promotion of cultural exchanges and further foster close business relationships through common heritages.

With the wide range of services that we can offer, your “Singaporean Dream” will no longer be a fairy tale. Come to speak to our team to make your dreams come true! ….and may your business prosper happily ever after in Singapore….

我们已经走了一段很长的路 - 从开始到转型,再到现在的实现 – 肯定对于新的GENEmate(君魅)来说,这不止是一个开始。GENEmate(君魅)现在是一家专业咨询网络公司。我们通过为 您提供在新加坡探索安全投资的选择,让您更了解新加坡的生意环境和文化。我们在新加坡的存在也是为了帮助促进多种族和文化交流,并通过共同的生意资源进一步促进密切的商业关系。 凭借我们可以提供的广泛服务,您的“新加坡梦”将不再是童话故事里的梦想而已了。快来与我们的团队交谈,让您的生意梦想成真!愿你的生意事业在新加坡从此幸福繁荣......